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A Total Approach

A Total Approach – helping people heal

Zazeh Morfittis knows how to help people achieve their health and wellness goals.


Through her business, A Total Approach, she offers a range of natural therapy services that provide holistic results for her clients.


Zazeh regularly treats physical conditions such as…


…back or knee pain, skin irritations or weight loss difficulties, whilst also supporting her clients’ mental health and emotional imbalances.

When your calling finds you

Zazeh has always been interested in health and wellbeing. She firmly believes that if you treat your body with kindness, you will achieve wonderful things. For years she worked in different areas of the natural health industry as a fitness trainer and nutrition expert, but it was by chance that her business evolved to focus on high-level energy healing.


When Zazeh adopted her beloved dog, Theodore, she knew he had some issues. It was her love of her dog and her desire to help him be a more balanced pet, that prompted her to research a relatively new energetic healing program called the Emotion Code and Body Code. The unique treatment is suitable for adults, children and even animals, and as soon as she started exploring the modality, she knew she’d found her calling!


Dedicated to her studies, Zazeh became one of the first few practitioners in the remarkable practice. At the time of her receiving full qualifications there were only three other therapists here in Australia, and Zazeh has been a pioneer of the Emotion Code and Body Code movement. She has built a strong client base with many wonderful outcomes.


“Today my work is predominantly within Emotion Code and Body Code treatments, but I regularly draw on my other qualifications to offer a holistic therapy program. The body is so connected, it’s important to have a well-rounded view.


Energy healing has evolved rapidly over the last few years. As people start to understand it more, there is a greater appreciation for its benefits.”

A Total Approach

Energetic healing

There are countless different conditions that energy healing can assist with. Many are emotional, but there are also physical ailments that can be relieved. Some of the more common reasons that clients will seek Zazeh’s help include:


– Anxiety or depression
– Feeling disconnected or unfulfilled
– Coping with grief
– Relationship breakdown
– Weight loss difficulties
– Specific pain e.g. back or knee
– Headaches, migraines
– Arthritis
– Eczema
– Insomnia


Understanding that trapped emotions and energy blockages can manifest themselves into physical complaints is part of how Zazeh treats her clients. By working with a mind map that covers around 600 areas across the body, she can assess the work needed to help release, clear and bring energetic balance.


Once the balance is achieved she is confident that her clients feel lighter, healthier and in many cases, pain-free. This balance also creates a pathway for them to achieve their best possible outcomes such as positive relationships, business success and optimal health.

Take care of yourself

As a small business owner herself, Zazeh is hopeful that business owners will start to become more aware of the natural therapies sector and how they can benefit from accessing services.


“When you run a small business, you are often so focussed on the dollars that you let your wellbeing suffer. It’s important to make sure you are healthy and from that the success will come.”


To learn more about how she can help you, contact Zazeh on m: 0407 400490.


Or visit her website for more information on the Emotion Code and Body Code.

A Total Approach


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