Bosch Car Service Milperra

Bosch Car Service Milperra – It’s all about the service

Frank Spiteri and his team at Rincap Pty Ltd, trading as Bosch Car Service Milperra, are experts in their field.


They offer automotive service and repair for all types of motor vehicles from passenger cars through to large industrial models.


Whether you need a simple registration inspection for a small car or a complete overhaul of a commercial crane, this service centre can help you.


With extensive accreditation from Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), they offer more than the average service centre.

Life-long passion

The son of post-World War II migrant parents, Frank Spiteri has strong ties to the Canterbury-Bankstown region. His parents arrived in Sydney in 1952 and immediately settled in Panania. His father joined the railway and was able to buy a block of land in the neighbourhood that was once known for chicken farms.


Frank was born and raised here. He attended East Hills schools and Padstow TAFE and was an enthusiastic member of Canterbury Juniors Rugby. There’s no doubt his roots are truly grounded in the area. As many boys do, Frank grew up with a love of all things mechanical. From a very young age he was intrigued by the way motors work and he knew he was destined to become a mechanic.

Bosch Car Service Milperra

In 1994 Frank opened the business at the current location on Beaconsfield Road in Milperra. The original Ampol service station presented as the perfect site to build his family’s future. His wife became the manager of the fuel station and he took over the workshop. As part of the global Bosch Car Service Network, Frank has always focussed on offering customers the best experience possible. He passionately believes that a positive attitude and respectful rapport with a customer are key to success in his industry.

“It’s important to communicate with customers. Be cordial, respectful and honest, and you will create trust. The impression you make can help keep a customer for life.”

Bosch Car Service Milperra

Promise of quality

Frank and his team of six are highly skilled in technical diagnostics, servicing and repairs. They can service all makes and models, whether domestic or European in origin. They specialise in common rail diesel vehicles and utilise state of the art engine analysers and scan tool software.


The service crew is dedicated to the morals and work ethic originally set out by Robert Bosch’s Promise of Quality:


“It has always been an unbearable thought to me that someone could inspect my products and find them inferior.
I have therefore always tried to ensure that only such products are delivered that will stand any objective test: in other words, work that is superior in every aspect.
I have acted on the principle: lose money rather than lose the confidence of my customers.
The integrity of my promise, faith in the quality of my goods and given word always means more to me than temporary gain.”


Frank always discusses this promise and how it is applied within the centre whenever he hires a new apprentice or mechanic. He has found that young apprentices often start with minimal communication skills. But heads in their devices at every free moment and lack of experience in customer face to face interaction are quickly improved. Frank implements a training program that includes driveway service, professional contact with clients and team building sessions to brainstorm improvement ideas. These sessions are held off-site at the local pub on a Saturday afternoon to encourage a true mateship within the team.

Positive about the future

Frank has watched the Canterbury-Bankstown region transform over the years. The safe, family focussed area has solid infrastructure and supports a culturally diverse demographic. There is a good selection of public schools and it still has some housing affordability in a city that can be expensive. New duplexes are being built and the growth is positive.


A redevelopment is planned for the service centre with extensive modern technology to be added to the traditional free bay workshop. But the redevelopment will not change the ethics of the business. Frank promises all clients will continue to receive their genuine, friendly service.


For more information about Bosch Car Service Milperra visit or call ph: 9774-4142 for a no obligation quote. Find the service centre at 144 Beaconsfield Street Milperra.

Bosch Car Service Milperra

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