Disability Services Australia – Supporting people and the community

Disability Services Australia (DSA) offers a range of extremely valuable services to the community. With supported employment facilities, community solution programs, an employment support service and supported learning hubs, the organisation helps thousands of people with a disability every year.

DSA Peter Hardisty 50 years

Enabling opportunities

In 1957, a group of committed parents started DSA to create employment opportunities for their children. At that time, there were very few options for people with a disability and these parents wanted more for their children’s futures.


Today, DSA employs over 500 people with a disability in their facilities and supports more than 2500 people with community solutions and education.
Their mission is clearly stated as…


“To enhance the lives of people with a disability by enabling opportunities for choice, inclusion and achievement at home, in the community, through education and training, and in employment.”


They understand that every customer they work with has a different set of needs. And to meet those needs, they offer individually tailored services for everyone they support.

Supported employment

In Sydney, DSA currently runs four large supported employment facilities employing 500 people with a disability. These locations partner with many multi-national corporations to provide valuable services.




– Relabelling or repacking of goods
– Pick and pack components
– Product assembly
– Collation of information packs
– Scanning, processing and archiving documents
– Airline packaging services

On their website DSA describe supported employment as…


“An important employment option which not only provides a meaningful job and a wage, but also offers people with a disability the opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people and make new friends.”

DSA supported employment

Employment solutions

Besides their supported employment facilities, DSA’s employment support service assists people who are seeking their own individual employment within the open market.


They offer training and education such as Certificates in Business, Retail and Warehousing. They also offer school leaver programs that help jobseekers develop skills and provide work experience in preparation for the transition into a workplace.


For businesses, DSA provides disability awareness training. They can also assist employers to access government funding for any workplace modifications that may be required to employ someone with a disability.

Employment Achievement Awards

DSA recently held their Employment Achievement Awards at Bankstown Sports Club. These awards celebrated the incredible successes from the past 12 months.


There were acknowledgements for highly committed job seekers working towards their employment goals. Employers who provide exceptional work experience for young job seekers. Customers who collaborate with DSA to enhance the lives of people with disability and great recognition for long service, including one employee who has been with DSA for 50 years!


Alyssa Lavaki, Business Relationship Manager, loves how DSA has created such an incredible culture within the organisation.


“There is so much happiness and positivity. Once you get past the disability label, there is so much that can be achieved. You just need to give people a go.”

Community solutions

Another important service that DSA provides is their Community Solutions program. Run from their East Hills location, it supports people within the community who need assistance with some of their day to day activities.


New customers contact DSA and a support services team member will develop a unique program for the customer based on their interests and the objectives they want to achieve. It could be encouraging a new hobby, going to the gym, learning to drive or attending social events. Any activity that enables the customer to have a more fun and dynamic weekly schedule.


DSA truly believe that being a part of your local community is an important part of living a fulfilled life.

Talk to us…

The people that DSA support are reliable, dedicated and motivated to work hard. Local vacancies are always helpful and often a business doesn’t realise that they have the perfect opportunity for work experience or even paid employment.


Louise Mooney, General Manager Employment Solutions, encourages businesses to contact DSA.


“Talk to us. Work with us. Employment plays an important role in people’s lives.”


Find out if there could be an opportunity within your business to offer work experience or perhaps successfully employ a person with a disability. For more information visit DSA’s website www.dsa.org.au or call 1300 372 121