Gramelis Attorneys – family and commercial lawyers

Eugene Gramelis has years of experience within many areas of the law.


From transactional tasks and case preparation as a solicitor, to attending court and trying complex cases as a barrister, he draws on a vast understanding of both commercial and family law.

The importance of family


Eugene started his career in the late 1990s as a solicitor based in Liverpool. Within two years he was called to the bar and proceeded to work as a barrister for the next sixteen years. Practising at Trust Chambers, Henry Parkes Chambers and Culwulla Chambers, in areas such as commercial litigation, property claims, equity disputes and other litigious matters, Eugene built a strong legal network and gained extremely valuable experience.


However, those years were also filled with long commutes from his home in the west to the Chambers in the heart of Sydney’s legal precinct. And weekends were spent preparing for trials that almost always started on Mondays. He found that this time spent away from his family tugged at his heart. His children wanted to enjoy time with their father, but he had to be focused on the next case and meet an arduous, never-ending list of duties.


Family became the driving force behind his decision to leave the city and his work as a barrister. In late 2015, Eugene established Gramelis Attorneys and set up an office of his own closer to home in Bankstown.


“It got to a point where the commute became too taxing. An hour and a half each way every day … not fun. Plus, not being able to spend time with my children … I needed a change.”


Having been born in Bankstown, Eugene knew it was an ideal location for his new office. It was about half way between his home and the city, cutting his commute significantly. Plus, it was a suitable location where his extensive legal network would still be easily accessible. He understood that it was likely to be the last major business corridor that his city connections would travel to, when required.


Benefits of both sides


In the early days of Gramelis Attorneys, Eugene found that many of his clients were still from the inner or eastern suburbs. People who had worked with him when he was based in the CBD would often recommend him as a good family lawyer. Word of mouth helped build his client base and many new clients came to him through referral.


“People would say… ‘Go out to Bankstown to see Eugene’.


That’s how it was, we didn’t need to advertise, we don’t have street frontage. People would just come to seek us out because they trusted us.”


The key point of difference at Gramelis Attorneys is their understanding of two very different areas of the law. Commercial law and family law are often treated as specialised faculties, but as Eugene explains, there are many overlaps between the two.


“You will often find a solicitor who specialises in family law does not know their commercial law. And vice versa; a lot of commercial lawyers know nothing about family law.

But if you consider someone starting a new business, a company, a family trust or other commercial venture, they are potentially exposed to the family law field. People set up companies on the advice of their accountant, then when a family law issue arises, their actual family lawyer doesn’t have the commercial law knowledge to help.”


The structure of the legal system today gives the Family Court a significant amount of power when dealing with issues that impact business entities. Disputes can have a considerable impact on businesses if protections are not in place from the initial structural set-up.


Eugene and his team build strong relationships with their clients and this niche ability to offer advice from both sides of the law provides a well-rounded service. As a general practice they can assist with a wide variety of legal matters such as:


– Parenting disputes
– Property disputes
– Binding financial agreements
– Formalised consent orders
– Business structure advice
– Estate protection
– Planning advice – for business or estate
– Partnership agreement
– Commercial disputes with creditors, debtors or suppliers


Many times, the matter does not require court attendance and can be resolved through formalising documentation.

Good things on the horizon


Eugene likes to see the changes that are happening in Bankstown. He knows that he made the right decision to open Gramelis Attorneys here and he feels that he has a strong foundation for future growth. Watching the infrastructure develop, he is confident that the region will continue to strive and succeed.


“It’s good to see skyline changing because that is always an indication of where the city is headed.”


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