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The Goals 360 experience

We’re proud to bring you Goals 360. It’s an interactive digital experience that focuses on your personal goals.

The journey towards reaching your goals starts by exploring your ambitions to gain a clearer perspective on what really matters to you.

A coach will walk you through the process, helping you visualise and explore your goals from every angle.

You’ll receive a summary of your personal goals and priorities. The next step is to explore your advice options with a qualified financial adviser.

Then, if you decide to proceed, they can work with you to build a plan to help make your goals a reality.

And, if you’d like help staying motivated and accountable, you can choose ongoing services so we can help you track your progress.

What we stand for

When it comes to getting help with achieving your goals, it’s important to know that our values line up with yours. So, here’s a bit more about us.

  • Our passion is to help you reach your goals – by creating realistic and solid plans to sit behind your goals, we aim to help more Australians, like you, live a better tomorrow.
  • Our plans are flexible – we know that life can change from one day to the next, which is why we like to work closely with you.
  • A plan designed just for you – we will take the time upfront to understand who you are, what you want, and your unique situation before we start looking at how we can help you.
  • A long-term relationship – we offer most value by forming a strong partnership over time, helping you to build your wealth and achieve your goals over each stage in your life.
  • The simpler, the better – we want to help you understand everything we present to you, and that includes being up front about our fees.
  • Maintain our high standards – you can trust that we will act professionally and in your best interests.

Our expertise

Our team has local knowledge and expertise and draws on the strength and specialist support of AMP, so we’re equipped to help you reach your goals.


Vintage Wealth is accredited with the highest standards of professionalism and advice.

Association of Financial Advisors

Australia Finance Group

Financial Planning Association of Australia

Tax Practitioners Board


One of our goals is to give back to the community where we can. Some of the communities we provide support to includes:

  • Cancer Council
  • NSW Rural Fire Service
  • Camp Quality

Contact Details

Opening Times

  • Monday 9-00am -5.00pm
  • Tuesday 9-00am -5.00pm
  • Wednesday 9-00am -5.00pm
  • Thursday 9-00am -5.00pm
  • Friday 9-00am -5.00pm
  • Saturday Closed
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