Brilliant Digital – A family of storytellers

Digital marketing is an important part of any business’s growth strategy. It is daunting if you don’t have the skills or the time to tackle the job, but Brilliant Digital is here to help. Brilliant Digital has a team of passionate people keen to make great businesses thrive.


They believe in their service. They trust in their system. They know they deliver great outcomes for their clients with complete marketing solutions. Once the strategy is set they execute it promptly and professionally to save time and money.


The story is important

It is an all too common story that a business recognises a need for digital marketing but is unable to grasp the how-to. The business is a master in their specific industry and offers leading services or products but their message to market is lacking. They could have a website that is a few years old and is looking tired or they might not be online at all. And without a strong digital presence, a business will not grow or thrive in today’s digital world.


Brilliant Digital is divided into teams with specialised functions. They have experts in many different areas including strategy, design, development, video production, search engine optimisation, social media, advertising and storytelling.


Storytellers focus on the four key stories that need to be told to increase brand recognition, generate quality leads and convert sales. By combining the customer story, business story, product or service story with personal stories, the business’s true identity is defined.


Deb Croucher, Brilliant Digital’s founder, understands the power behind telling a story:


“Every great salesman tells stories as part of their pitch. They know it connects audiences and they know that it helps get the sale over the line.


Great brand advocates like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and Elon Musk stand out in front of their brand. They tell stories because they know it will engage and help to grow the brand and get more sales.”


The process undertaken by the Brilliant Digital team involves five steps:


1. Listen – Discover – Goals The relationship starts with listening to you and seeking to understand your business.
2. Plan – Strategy – Message They research the market, analyse your competition and formulate a marketing plan.
3. Create – Design – Build They create a storytelling website which delivers qualified leads when they drive traffic to it.
4. Launch – Connect – Remarket Launching your content into the digital space is exciting. The right mix varies for every business they work with.
5. Measure – Refine – Grow They record key metrics to drive towards an ever-increasing return on investment.


Most digital marketing and website design companies only offer some of these crucial elements and this is where Brilliant Digital out-do their competitors.

Digital Marketing

Family focussed

When a business connects with Brilliant Digital they become part of a special community. One of the original and most important values of Brilliant Digital is family first. Almost all the team members are parents and they understand the need to be there for their children at the same time as growing a career. Families are the heart and soul of people’s daily lives. In a time when office hours can be skewed and the daily commute becomes a nightmare, the Brilliant Digital team understands how to achieve great successes without sacrificing home life.


All the staff work from home as there is no specific Brilliant Digital headquarters. This means everyone manages their time appropriately so that it matches their family’s needs. There is a real work life balance at Brilliant Digital and that is part of the reason they are so successful. Everyone is truly happy and that shows in the work produced for their clients.


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