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Building a Meaningful Community Ecosystem

What does it mean to a community when the local business sector gets behind the region?

Can business participation at a community level make a difference to the feeling of belonging?  If you ask members of the Canterbury Bankstown Chamber of Commerce (“CBCC”), there would be an overwhelming ‘yes, it makes a big difference’. But success in creating a genuine emotional connection does not follow a spcific formula, it requires a unique combination of passion, ambition, leadership and perhaps a degree of patriotism for ‘what could be’.

Your Businesses Place in its Community

Every business can find a place in its community and like strategy, culture or a unique value proposition, what works for one business cannot simply be transferred to another. But the opportunity to weave your business into the fabric of your local community is always there, it just requires the will and desire to become part of something bigger.

LA Services-Community and the Chamber of Commerce

An Active Chamber of Commerce

The great thing about having such an active Chamber of Commerce is it provides a development nexus for our businesses, community members and our educators to:

  • bond,
  • test ideas,
  • develop a collective vision and
  • deliver the innovative outcomes we all seek to make our city a great destination to live, work and play.

Every business in the CBCC has an opportunity to participate in its community, albeit:

  1. the local café where grand ideas are scratched out on napkins over fine coffee,
  2. sponsorship is provided for the next networking event, or
  3. a direct community touchpoint is delivered to build awareness about what the areas future could look like.


We implore you to join the Canterbury Bankstown Chamber of Commerce, and become a participant in the community we work with or work in.

David Fox

General Manager

LA Services

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