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Dakkan & Associates Insurance Services - A Family Affair

In the heart of the Canterbury Bankstown region, Danny Dekkan and his dedicated team offer professional insurance services to businesses and individuals, big and small.


Dakkan & Associates can help with everything insurance! From public liability, professional indemnity or workers compensation insurance, through to home and content or even CTP greenslips.

Friendly and loyal

Bassam Dekkan, Danny’s father, started the company in 1994 with a vision of bridging the gap between customer and insurer. Bassam understood that insurance is complicated and that deciding on the right policy can be confusing.


Bassam’s easy-going, approachable personality was undeniable. He could always strike up a conversation with anyone. So, when a friend suggested he consider a new career in the insurance industry, he embraced it wholeheartedly.


With his knowledge and natural ability, the business quickly established a solid foundation. His personal style of service created trust and loyal bonds with his clients. Starting with family and friends, he would visit people’s homes and help them prepare endowments. Bassam explained the intricate details. He simplified the process and made people feel comfortable with their decisions. As the business grew, he partnered with many members of the Lebanese community within the area and forged a strong reputation.


Of course, as with any growing business, there were challenges along the way: clients changing their minds or cancelling policies, moving from home to an official office space and even coping with illness that saw Bassam unable to work. Through it all Dakkan & Associates continued their award-winning success.

Complete customer satisfaction

Today, Danny says, offering exceptional personal service has been key to the company’s growth. It’s all about removing the stress for the client. They know they produce positive outcomes and they have thousands of happy customers that will agree.


In their relaxed Mount Lewis office, the Dakkan team are focussed on providing their customers complete satisfaction. Recently achieving brokerage status gives them to access over 90 different insurers.


“We are excited to have this new level of certification because it means we have a much wider range of options for our customers. We can offer them extremely competitive packages.”


The team of four are all Canterbury Bankstown residents, which means there is a natural affinity with their local customers.


“When you live in the same area there is a deeper understanding of people’s needs. Plus, we have the extra desire to do well for our clients because they are practically neighbours.”


Danny and his team believe that one of the greatest benefits of working with local clients is their loyalty. The district supports small business. Their growth over the last 24 years has been completely organic, through word of mouth and the extended community network.

Danny Dekkan

Building the future

Danny’s days are filled with appointments, professional document preparation and assisting customers with all manner of insurance queries. He aims to make the process completely painless for his clients. He is committed to growing the business and maintaining the values and high standards set by his father, who remains an integral part of Dakkan & Associates.


He knows there are opportunities within the large manufacturing industry, along with the airport and many other professional services. His hope is that local businesses can continue partnering for mutual benefit. The region is half commercial and half residential and Danny appreciates how that creates a comfortable community balance.

Love for Canterbury Bankstown

Living in the area all his life, Danny loves to revel in the Canterbury Bankstown region. He has watched the urban appearance evolve and is proud of how it is continually improving. In his spare time, he likes to get involved in social events with his young family and in particular the annual Australia Day celebrations, that are always fantastic.


He also believes that the learning centre at the library is extremely valuable. Diversity and multiculturalism are strong foundations of Canterbury Bankstown and deserve recognition.


The area has a great community spirit. Neighbours look after each other. People are always willing to help when needed. Canterbury Bankstown is filled with resources and skills that Danny feel should be celebrated.


“Sometimes people outside the area might have a negative opinion of the region but we love it here … the area has always been good to us!”


Visit the Dakkan & Associates Insurance Services website www.dakkans.com for more information. You can contact them on ph: 9707-3077 to set up a meeting or visit the office at 165C Wattle Street Mount Lewis.

Dakkan Office

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