Iconic Smiles – dedicated to smile rehabilitation

Iconic Smiles – dedicated to smile rehabilitation

Dr Matthew El-Azzi opened Iconic Smiles in Roselands a little over a year ago… and hasn’t looked back since!


He has a passion for smile rehabilitation and is dedicated to achieving positive results for his patients.


With services ranging from emergency repairs through to cosmetic enhancements, his clinic is one of a kind and a great addition to the Canterbury Bankstown region.

Drawn to dentistry

Dr El-Azzi was educated at Sydney University. His background was in pharmacy and medical sciences, but he was drawn to dentistry and subsequently gained a degree in dental medicine. One of his motivations was his ability to help people when they are suffering. He tells us,


“I like that someone can come to me in pain, I can treat them and give them immediate relief. I had a mentor who really inspired me… the further I got into dentistry the more rewarding it became. You can have an impact on people’s lives… really make a difference.


I have a very strong interest in implant dentistry… I have completed a master’s program in implants and I’m currently doing another master’s in oral surgery and implantology.


But I am also passionate about cosmetic dentistry. When I started doing cosmetic work, I gained a lot of experience and found I was achieving great results… so I decided to intertwine the two. This is how Iconic Smiles started. We are both a general dental clinic and a high-quality cosmetic clinic.”

Iconic Smiles - Drawn to dentistry
Iconic Smiles - Modern dental practice

Modern dental practice

When he opened the clinic, Dr El-Azzi was determined to set an exceptionally high standard.

The modern dental practice is extremely strict on hygiene measures. The team has this as their number one focus whenever they are working with a patient.


They are also very attentive to patient care. They understand that patients have different needs and they make every effort to provide a positive experience regardless of procedure. Dr El-Azzi explains,

“Our clinic is very modern and clean. We’ve designed it so it doesn’t feel like a dentist… we wanted to try and make it more comfortable for our clients.


It’s important that we offer a full range of services, so we do have the option of sedation dentistry or happy gas. Our key focus is definitely patient care!


We are able to identify what is suitable for each individual… recognising who would need a particular type of support – happy gas or other… determining which patients should be sedated for the procedure. This is where we excel in patient care.


If someone has had a negative experience in the past, we want to alleviate their worry while minimising the possibility of another negative experience. Patient experience at Iconic Smiles is really important.”

Unique services

Iconic Smiles is one of very few Sydney dental clinics that offers an emergency after hours service. They are on call 24 hours a day to assist with critical care.


“A lot of the time we will help with basketball or netball accidents that happen outside normal hours. We’ve opened up the clinic at midnight to help people. We often get referrals from Royal Prince Alfred hospital because of this service.


We are in a good position to help because of our unique combination of skills. For example, a front tooth injury… the gum repair is implant based, but the tooth repair is cosmetic. Not all dentists can help in this way.”

Iconic Smiles - Unique services

Strong local connection

Dr El-Azzi has a lifelong connection to Canterbury Bankstown. He grew up in the area and has many family and friends here. Plus, he is a dedicated volunteer member of the local charity organisation Maronites on Mission. Through the charity he regularly travels overseas to offer much needed dentistry services. He recently visited the poorer areas of Manila and Naga in the Philippines and performed many tooth extractions.


By joining the Canterbury Bankstown Chamber of Commerce, he is keen to see the network of businesses grow and succeed together. He says,


“We have strong businesses in our area that are great at supporting each other. I’d love to see the types of services offered in the area grow, so that people don’t have to go far to access what they need. It’s also important to recognise the needs of the demographic and match them… the type of services offered, the quality of care and the price point … it all has to match.


Canterbury Bankstown has a fantastic connection between people… it really is a great community… a lot of people know each other. We just need to continue supporting each other so we can all grow.”


Find out more about the full range of services offered by Iconic Smiles on their website www.iconicsmiles.com.au or contact them on ph: 8385 6163.