Empowered Businesses Are Powered Businesses

As a Chamber, we join together to create a collective voice that will ask your questions, raise your concerns, and share your stories.

CBCC Business Advocacy

Business Advocacy

The CBCC brings key stakeholders in business, politics and our general community together to discuss pressing issues that need to be addressed.

Using events, news, and media, we provide a platform to communicate, promote, and present our shared voice to decision-makers, community leaders, and the wider community.

Better Business Conditions

We advocate for better networking, collaboration, good business, and positive community spirit.

Collaboration is the key to a strong business community. Through collaboration with different industry bodies and community organisations, we increase opportunities for members to drive success and promote good practices.

We encourage members to build relationships together and work as a team to strive for success as a collective.

Better equipped to do business #BA5

We advocate for clearer messaging and practical tools so our members can be resilient, proactive and optimistic about the future.

At our Business after 5 events, we equip our members with tools, information, and networks required to succeed at accelerated rates.

Through our concierge service, our long term members and volunteers help newcomers and members to find the right connections to help them grow.

Best Practices In Government

We advocate for a modern Government will reflect best practices and not return to bureaucratic processes and red tape.

Our Government should be informed by the reality of the ever-changing business environment and the challenges we face doing business. It should focus on the essentials and communicate with each other for a proper, coordinated, and coherent approach.

With the power of our collective voice, the CBCC will continue advocating for Governments on local, state, and federal levels that will meet our needs directly.