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We are collectively crafting a future where Canterbury Bankstown becomes the best place to live, work, study, and do business.

CBCC Community Cohesiveness

Networking, Connectedness, Community

Community cohesiveness is a state where all aspects of your community are thriving: from families living with all their needs satisfied, to workers having a large variety of occupations, promotions, and jobs to choose from. It’s students, confident that their study will lead them to further opportunities in their community, and business owners knowing that this community is worth the investment for its inevitable growth.

This is what the CBCC aims to create; a Canterbury Bankstown which is the prime destination to live, work, study, and do business.

Community cohesiveness - Community inclusion and diversity

The Canterbury Bankstown of Tomorrow

All of the CBCC’s initiatives are aimed at creating a community that is more cohesive than the one of yesteryear. From promoting gender equality to activating the voice of our youth, promoting innovation or our continuing efforts to promote connectedness through networking, our members all share our vision for vibrant, thriving, and cohesive Canterbury Bankstown.

Community Cohesiveness is a community where people get on well together. Building cohesion within a community is an essential step towards improving people’s quality of life. Social inclusion creates happy, confident individuals, and empowers them to contribute to a vibrant, thriving economy.

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The CBCC is the fastest-growing Chamber of Commerce in Sydney, and we know why. It’s because when you join your voice with ours, we ensure that we put 110% of our effort and dedication into making sure you’re heard. We make sure that the causes that matter to us all continue to get the attention and respect they deserve.

Join us to become part of our community today, to shape ourselves a thriving tomorrow.

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