Dare to capitalise on opportunities, take on risks, and build your success

To take on an entrepreneurial mindset is to know that risks can beget profit, to forge forward with confidence in your vision no matter the outcome. The CBCC fosters this mindset in our members and embodies it in ourselves to create a community filled with optimism, resilience, and strength.

CBCC Entrepreneurial Mindset

Fostering confidence, belief, and resilience

An entrepreneurial mindset benefits everyone, not only entrepreneurs. Having an entrepreneurial mindset is to:

  • Believe in your own ability to succeed, taking ownership of your lives
  • Have a goal, or a dream, that keeps them focused and motivated on the future
  • Have high resilience and be solution-oriented as they see problems as opportunities
  • Cultivate curiosity, creativity and critical thinking to become more resourceful

The Importance of Having an Entrepreneurial Mindset

There’s nothing more valuable in a world as dynamic as ours to have an entrepreneurial mindset.

We all take control of our lives, make the choice to see adversities as opportunities and stay resilient when complications inevitably occur. The CBCC teaches this mindset mentorships, training opportunities, events and programs promote this mindset to our community and members.

Transforming Adversity into Opportunity

Canterbury Bankstown has faced many hardships in the past years due to COVID-19. However, the CBCC and its members have triumphed and grown during these times due to our continued dedication to our community. We transformed restrictions into growth by pivoting online and stepping forward to support our community with Facebook Lives and videos to ensure everyone was on the best page possible.

This is how we grew – through mutual growth and support.

Entrepreneurial mindset

Join a Community of LIke-Minded Peers

The CBCC aims to empower and show that a mindset is more powerful than many can imagine, and opportunities only manifest to those who are prepared.

Our community is full of like-minded and passionate people, driven to share, empower, and critically guide their peers to ever greater successes.

Join us now to experience the difference!