Through our Round Tables initiative, the CBCC tackles the most common challenges experienced by businesses through our Round Table Initiative to solve the three most critical issues facing businesses today:

1. Mental Health and Wellness

2. Networking and Sales

3. Leadership and Training

CBCC Round Tables

How Does it Work?

In a small intimate setting of 8-9 members per table, business leaders, owners and employees will be able to share their experiences, areas of expertise, knowledge and perspectives on mental health, networking or the pressures of leadership, where their group will support them and provide targeted solutions to the specific problems members of the Table raise up. Each Round Table will meet every six weeks, so each member can action the solutions and suggestions provided each meeting in between each meeting.

Mental Health. Networking. Leadership.

Taking care of yourself and your business is no easy task. Maintaining your staff, your health, your family, your business and your social life is hefty business, and small business owners are well known to not know when to stop working. As the driving force of their business, taking a break is never easy.

This is what the Round Tables are for – to connect entrepreneurs to one another as a support network of peers who understand your unique stressors from your role as a leader, pooling expertise from different fields to create strategies that help overcome your wellness pain points.

Support Our Initiative

Our Round Tables for 2021-2022 were kindly supported by AusPost Community Grants, who funded the rounds for the year. We are grateful for their support to help our local Small Business Owners connect, share their experiences, and talk about their mental health and business with peers who understand the pressures of the occupation.

Wish to support our 2022-2023 Round Tables, or participate in one of the rounds? Check out our application forms below!

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