The CBCC is delighted to announce the launch of our Women’s Committee. It is important for women in business to be able to network with one another to allow women to support women.

A female-founded business or a woman in leadership? We welcome you to join us and become part of the change you want to be!

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CBCC Women's Committee

Meet the women who are leading the charge on tackling women’s issues in business

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Committee Focuses

Here are some of the ways the Women’s Committee will work to empower women in business

Tackling Women’s Issues

Our Committee will tackle and keep salient the most pressing issues that confront women in our community.

  • We will focus on creating tangible outcomes that drive change and impact in Canterbury Bankstown and beyond, improving life and wellbeing for women in the future.
  • We will ensure that women can support women, networking and connecting successful women and sharing their voice and stories to the community to inspire others
  • We will provide a platform for women to be heard on the policies that dictate their rights, direction, opportunities and future, and ensure their voice is ingrained in the narrative.

Women in Leadership

Our Women’s Committee works closely with the CEO to ensure that our annual Women In Leadership event is closely intertwined with the concerns of women in our community.

Last year, our event was themed around Each for Equal, where business leaders of Canterbury-Bankstown discussed the issues surrounding women’s equity, and it was an amazing success!

We always aim to inform, inspire, discuss, and make the event a wonderful and productive night.

Women’s Safety Charter

Women’s safety is a priority concern for our Committee. Too many women and girls still feel unsafe as they walk the streets of our community.

Canterbury Bankstown is facing unprecedented growth in the near future, with Western Sydney University is building a new campus right in the heart of our district. With the impending growth for our businesses and more youth participating in our nightlife than ever before, safety is now more of a priority concern than ever.

Our Women’s Safety Charter demonstrates the CBCC’s dedication to upholding and respecting women’s safety in all levels of our operations.

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Women's Committee Member Organisations

Khalil Lawyers