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Our Youth Initiatives

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CBCC Youth Committee

Youth are the foundation of our future. They deserve a chance to activate their voice in the community in a meaningful way, and provide their input in the youth programs and community supports designed to aid them.

This is why our Youth Committee exists. They stand to represent the interests of our younger generations and provide a platform for youth to gain experience, negotiate, present their ideas, and contribute to their community in meaningful and impactful ways.

CEO For A Day

CEO for a Day connects local, aspiring Year 10 to 12 students with a Senior Executive in their community in a field that they’re interested in, giving them the opportunity to walk in the shoes of a local leader.

Work Experience

Gain genuine industry experience and skills in a field you’re interested in to support your dreams and career.

Many young people say they feel like they have no actionable skills to contribute to their future jobs, but that isn’t true. Work experience highlights just how much value you already have, and helps you start building a plan for your future as you understand your chosen industry in depth.

Annual Youth Expo

Youth expo presents local business’s, educators, and support services supporting our youth. It’s a fun community day at Western Sydney University.

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CBCC Youth Committee

Meet the industry experts who are supporting and inspiring our youth

Sophie Najjarin

CEO of ANATE Corporate
CBCC Youth Committee Chairperson

Sophie Najjarin’s healthcare odyssey began in hospital trenches, evolving from a seasoned Registered Nurse to the visionary CEO of ANATE Corporate Group. With a Bachelor of Nursing and a Post Graduate Certificate in Perioperative Nursing, Sophie embodies a relentless commitment to learning.

Leading ANATE to unprecedented heights, Sophie’s dynamic leadership style blends passion, vision, and pragmatism. Beyond corporate milestones, she champions team empowerment and fosters an innovative ethos. A trailblazer in community engagement, Sophie believes in equal opportunities for all.

A strategic thinker with an MBA under her belt since 2021, Sophie’s transformative journey marks her as a visionary in healthcare. In 150 words, Sophie Najjarin emerges as a beacon of inspiration, shaping the future of healthcare professionals with dedication, vision, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence.

CBCC Youth Committee Sophie Najjarin
Ahmad Harb

Ahmad Harb

Founder of Avail Business Solutions

Ahmad Harb is the founder of Avail Business Solutions, a boutique management consulting company that helps SMEs reach their full potential, focusing on hospitality and food manufacturing. Ahmad is driven by building brands, growing businesses, and taking people on the journey.

Before devoting his work fulltime to Avail Business Solutions, Ahmad had the opportunity to serve as a General Manager at a hospitality group, with multiple restaurants and production kitchen, employing 300 people. Working with the organisation for almost 15 years, Ahmad experienced the different stages of growing a brand, from a small business to a medium one, while introducing the different functions, systems, and technology required to keep up with the growth. Ahmad also managed to experience the different functions of managing a successful business, including sales, marketing, food safety, supply chain, and other. In addition to restaurants, Ahmad launched a retail brand under the same umbrella, introducing multiple sales channels including major retail.

Ahmad is an MBA graduate from Macquarie Business School and a Macquarie University Alumni. As a Bankstown local, Ahmad is driven by having an impact to the community, its business, and most importantly, its youth as they represent the future of the community.

David Fox

Associate Director Research & Technology of Western Parkland City

David resides in western Sydney commencing a manufacturing career in the machining trade before moving into engineering through a vocational pathway. He later completed mechanical engineering degree and master by research at UTS.

The industrial strength of the Bankstown and Revesby areas kept him working in the area for more than three decades. He and his wife settled in the area in the late 1990’s and have raised their three children here.

Through his career he developed a deep connection with Western Sydney’s manufacturing ecosystem and its work force. While leading a local heavy engineering and manufacturing business, he developed an interest working with schools on industry led education and the skills necessary to support the digital transition of manufacturing.

These interested led to career pivot in late 2021 moving into NSW Government working on delivery of the new Advanced Manufacturing Research Facility being built in western Sydney. A position that allows him to connect his manufacturing enthusiasm and interest in STEM education with his volunteer roles at Bass High School and the CBCC Youth Committee.

CBCC Youth Committee David Fox
CBCC Youth Committee Jack Hamilton

Jack Hamilton

General Manager of Mercure Sydney Bankstown

Jack Hamilton, a leader in the hospitality industry, serves as the General Manager of Mercure Sydney Bankstown.

Jack embarked on his academic journey with a focus on aeronautical engineering after completing high school. However, a pivotal moment two years into his studies led him to discover his true passion—the hotel industry.

With a nine-year track record in the hotel and accommodation sector, Jack has demonstrated successful leadership across hotel operations and business commercial strategy. His dedication to delivering exceptional guest experiences and his strategic acumen have been instrumental in his career progression.

As a proud local resident of the Canterbury Bankstown Area, Jack is deeply committed to supporting local businesses and giving back to the community. His newly appointed role as General Manager excites his passion for opportunity of community engagement

Michael Everett

Manager of MWLP

Michael Everett, Qualified Chef with a Bachelor of Business Double Major Marketing and Accounting.

I have worked in Kitchens around Australia and have had my own restaurant. I now work with young people transitioning into the working world.

I have a passion for seeing young people succeed and the company I work for helps me with this. MWLP is contracted by the Department of Education to provide Work Placement opportunities for all Vocational Education and Training Students from local high schools across the Bankstown and Macarthur areas.

We provide opportunities for young people in nearly 30 different courses, working with the three sectors of education, Independent, Catholic and Department Schools.

Michael Everett
CBCC Youth Committee Bhuvana Ramkumar

Bhuvana Ramkumar

Consultant at Collappor8

Bhuvana came to Australia to study her Masters in Engineering and Management at UNSW after attaining her Bachelor of Industrial Engineering and Management at JSSATE, India, as a top 10 University rank holder.

Passionate about human rights and community activism, Bhuvana has volunteered in planning and organising a UNICEF marathon to end violence against children and promote child rights, and was a tutor for the Rotary Learn English programme, an initiative to empower underprivileged kids through the power of literacy and language.

With her sharp and analytical mind, Bhuvana has published two research papers regarding Lean Manufacturing and Scale Development and Validation of Safety Engineering Systems, and worked as an intern in Product Management, Human Resources, Supply Chain and Operations.

Now, she is diving headfirst into Management Consultancy with her Traineeship at Collappor8, a role that gives her the challenges and growth opportunities she craves as she continues furthering her career. As a young professional under 25, Bhuvana hopes to represent the voice of her generation in the Youth Committee to enable action and change in our community’s youth initiatives.

Charbel Mehanna

Customer Service & Office Administrator at Collappor8

Charbel has been community-minded and dedicated since he was young, interested in giving back to the country he loves by joining the 307 (Bankstown) Australian Airforce Cadets when he was 13, and staying until he was promoted to Cadet Flight Sergeant,

Cadet Executive Officer at 18, where he left to become an Australian Army Reservist. Receiver of the 2013 Bankstown City Council’s Young Citizen of the Year and the 2019 FL TLT T.G. Phillips NCO Award, Charbel tackles roles of leadership head-on by signing himself up for roles such as being a Peer Support Leader back in his High-school years.

Now currently studying part-time at WSU on Bachelors of Business in Management and International Business while working full-time at Collappor8 as a Customer Service and Office Administrator, part-time at the Entertainment Park and maintains as an active Reservist, Charbel keeps himself busy as he takes each day to its fullest potential. As a currently studying university student, Charbel brings an irreplaceable perspective to the Youth Committee to ensure youth’s voice is represented and heard.

On his rare days off, Charbel enjoys a few games of soccer with his mates, or walking the family dog Charlie around Canterbury Bankstown.

CBCC Youth Committee Charbel Mehanna

Youth Committee Member Organisations

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