• Connecting Business Leaders with Future Leaders
  • Inspiring Dreams with Real Experience
  • Understanding True Leadership Under a Mentor

CEO for a Day connects local, aspiring Year 10 to 12 students with a Senior Executive in their community in a field that they’re interested in, giving them the opportunity to walk in the shoes of a local leader.

ceo for a day

Why Sign Up?

Canterbury-Bankstown is known as a blue-collar LGA. Many of our youth don’t realise what the professional world can offer them, or the myriad of opportunities that are available to them. This is why the Canterbury Bankstown Chamber of Commerce has started this Initiative: CEO for a Day!


Role of a Mentor


  • Encourage participation and discussion
  • Set clear expectations and boundaries
  • Organise their day appropriately to showcase their professional leadership

Role of a Student


  • Take the initiative to ask questions
  • Engage with mentor’s day as much as possible
  • Observe, broaden their horizons and don’t hesitate to challenge themselves

How Does it Work?

Local business leaders, CEOs, and community leaders will volunteer 3 days across 3 terms to mentor an aspiring Year 10 to 12 student interested in their field.

Year 10 to 12 students will shadow their day and walk in their shoes, broadening their horizons, inspiring new ambitions, and letting students have a taste of what work in the professional world might look like for them!

Tackling Youth Concerns

CEO for a Day is designed to tackle the three foremost concerns that students have when they think of work. These are:

  • Lack of Skills
  • Lack of Experience
  • Lack of Connections

By joining our program and being mentored by a leading professional in their field, students not only gain valuable perspectives on work and leadership but also connect to the current local professionals in a field of their choice in their local area, honing their interests and bolstering their confidence and future opportunities.

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