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Ingham Institute


Through world-class medical research, the Ingham Institute is working to radically transform health outcomes for the better – creating thriving communities, both locally and globally.

The Institute’s medical research programs have a translational focus, with results from our medical research transformed into direct health benefits. Our research is applied in the form of new medical treatments and therapies in hospitals and health programs for the community.
The Institute has over 350 researchers exploring new medical approaches across:
  • Cancer (from biology to technology and patient support programs)
  • Clinical Sciences (treatments for Diabetes, Stroke, Respiratory and Autoimmune diseases)
  • Population & Health Services (studies into Women’s Health, Nursing practices, and Early Childhood)
  • Injury & Rehabilitation (rehabilitation for Brain Injury and Orthopaedic surgery)
  • Mental Health (therapies for Autism, Schizophrenia, Learning Development Disorders)
  • Robotics and Health Technology (redefining eHealth, remote surgery and patient care).
In addition to the six research streams, the Ingham Institute provides over 500 Clinical Trials to more than 2,500 patients.
We are forefront of the most advanced medical breakthroughs and clinical discoveries and are committed to saving and improving lives. Our facilities enable world-first research, training and technology to be explored and developed. Ultimately we redefine and improve the treatment of disease and inform the nature of care across numerous health conditions.

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