Master HR Solutions - it’s all about people

Master HR Solutions is a small team of human resources (HR) experts lead by Corrinne Zuchetti. HR is often a challenging area for business owners, but Corrinne and her team know their stuff and can solve any HR issue your company may be experiencing.


Highly skilled and passionate

Corrinne’s experience is extensive. She has worked for numerous organisations within the health industry, as well as global resources company, BHP.


With her Masters of Labour Law and Relations, Commerce degree, Human Resource Management degree and membership of the Australian Human Resource Institute, she is highly talented and well respected within the community.


At Master HR Solutions, all the team are passionate about people and this is what makes them successful. They are committed to achieving excellent outcomes for their clients and they know they offer the best service available.


Corrinne took over the company and became the principal consultant almost five years ago. And in that time, she has grown the business into one of the leading HR consultancy and coaching organisations in Australia.


With consultants in Melbourne and Brisbane, as well as the team here in Sydney, Master HR Solutions supports all types of clients, in any industry.

Problem solving

Corrinne understands that in a hard-working business environment, HR is often given a low priority.


“There are so many tasks, projects and customers to focus on. Other core functions such as finance, operations or marketing are well represented but the HR tasks are frequently absorbed by directors or general managers who don’t necessarily have the appropriate skills or the extra time.”


Good HR management needs dedication. It’s not just writing a job description and hiring staff, although that is part of it. A solid human resources department encourages and creates the culture within a business. It brings stability and helps to prevent conflict. It is an integral part of any business to ensure everyone is feeling positive about the company’s direction.


Some of the key services that Corrinne and the team offer are:

· Specialists in employment law compliance
· Executive coaching
· Analysis and development of business structure
· Professional documentation of processes and procedures
· Implementation of initiative programs
· Performance management
· Role and responsibility development
· Remuneration advice
· Safety management
· Full recruitment services


Master HR Solutions will step in when there is no HR department within a business or will offer support to an existing HR team when they are at capacity.

Education is key

Besides supporting clients through Master HR Solutions, Corrinne is dedicated to educating businesses about the real necessity for quality human resources management. Teaching executives, directors and business owners about the psychology of people management gives her great satisfaction.


Corrinne recently delivered a talk about the impact domestic violence has on a person’s workplace. This included how to implement safety measures, how to support employees and procedures to minimise the potential for harm. This type of presentation is the next step in her push towards broader HR appreciation. She is driven by topical content – modern issues that impact many people but are often overlooked in the work environment because they aren’t disrupting day to day events.

Giving back

When she’s not fixing HR issues or presenting to management teams, Corrinne teaches a rare form of karate out of her home in Holsworthy. The Okinawan style, uechi-ryu, is almost unknown outside Japan but it has been her passion since she was just 16 years old.


She travelled to Okinawa and studied under a master to become a dojo leader. She finds it such a fulfilling exercise that she gives back to the local community by offering the lessons as a not for profit activity.


She believes it is an excellent way to build self-assurance. She loves to watch her young students develop into strong, confident, well balanced individuals. It is the perfect martial art for all ages.


“Everyone can benefit from uechi-ryu. I trained an eight-year-old boy who had been bullied at school … he was so shy and quiet when he first started. Now he is a completely changed kid, which is awesome to see!”


Corrinne hopes to continue sharing her passions with her community, both for uechi-ryu and for HR, as she connects with more people.

For a free business HR Health Check visit or contact the Master HR Solutions team on ph: 8014-7887.


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