MatchWorks – connecting people to jobs

MatchWorks is a national employment services provider. The not-for-profit organisation is contracted under the Federal Government programs’ Job Active and Disability Employment Services (DES) and offers highly beneficial support to the local community.




Many years of success


As a division of the much larger organisation, GenU – Karingal St Laurence, MatchWorks is part of an extraordinary history. The origins of GenU go all the way back to 1952, when a group of parents in Geelong, Victoria, joined together and created a play group for their children with disabilities. Their vision was to see their children reach their full potential and enjoy a richly rewarding life.


MatchWorks was formed in 1998 and has been successfully connecting people with suitable employment for the last 30 years. To date, the organisation has helped to place more than 150,000 people into work, with many more to come.

How MatchWorks supports job-seekers


There are many different referral pathways that see people contacting MatchWorks for assistance. New clients can be referred through Centrelink, via word of mouth or respond to direct marketing campaigns. They can also be connected through community organisations or NDIS providers. Plus, MatchWorks even receive referrals from women’s services, migrant or refugee services and local general practitioners. But regardless of the method of referral, the team at MatchWorks always offer the same support.


For people seeking help through the DES program, an initial appointment and assessment are arranged. This enables the MatchWorks consultant to understand the client’s capacity and how their disability or health challenge might affect their work ability.


Once the assessment is complete, a job plan is created. The job plan captures the client’s aspirations, whether in employment or education. This leads to suitable activities being scheduled, such as work experience in a specific field or access to a training course aligned with their goals.


Job Active clients are most commonly referred through Centrelink and are having trouble securing suitable employment. These clients often come to MatchWorks after being made redundant from a previous position or are looking to change industries and want different options. Centrelink usually performs the initial consultation, so a MatchWorks consultant starts with the job plan process. The Work for the Dole scheme is an option for these clients as they can gain valuable work experience in a different industry.


Jo Haeusler, Regional Manager, says:

“We are dedicated to helping people find a job that suits them. Some people find work very quickly and it’s great that our services are so effective.


For other people the process may take longer, but we are able to make strong personal connections with them and we enjoy their success when we find them the right placement.”




Connecting with the local community


The Bankstown office of MatchWorks was previously known as Employment Services Group (ESG) and has been offering Job Active support since 2015. The DES program was introduced to this office in July 2018 and is very new to the area.


Currently they are running an outreach program from the Punchbowl Community Centre. They offer weekly services for people with a disability, medical condition or injury, but they are keen to expand within the region so that they can help more people. Jo explains:

“For GenU and MatchWorks, one of our core values is to be part of the community. We can’t just be in it. We need to live, breath and support what’s going on in the community, however best we can.


We would love to connect with other community organisations within the area, working together to offer a holistic range of services to the people who need us.”


Read more about MatchWorks services on their website You can contact the Bankstown office on ph: 8796 8589 and their address is Suite 204, Level 2, 41-45 Rickard Road Bankstown.



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