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Is The Language You Use Holding You Back? | CBCC News

Language. The hidden barrier that holds women back in the workplace. Why does this happen, and how can we use language to equalise the playing field?

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Making STEM An Equal Playground For All | CBCC News

This year's International Women's Day theme advocates for better gender equality in STEM. How can the CBCC encourage more female participation in STEM?

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Empower, Engage, Excel: 6 Essential Skills For Successful Mentorship | CBCC News

Stepping into a mentorship role for the first time or looking to up your mentoring game? The CBCC examines how you can have successful mentorships.

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Advocacy: The Secret Ingredient For Achieving Equality | CBCC News

When women support each other in the workplace, they create a culture of empowerment that benefits everyone. How can we achieve this? Through advocacy.

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Mastering the Art of Becoming a Working Mum | CBCC News

Considering becoming a Working Mum? The balancing act between career and family can feel isolating and daunting. The CBCC is here to help: read more to find out.

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Collappor8 are a team of management consultants providing strategic planning, project management and task execution. Our leadership is degree qualified, well trained, highly experienced multi-disciplinary professionals who never stop learning, and then sharing through mentoring. We help our clients build capacity, capability and ultimately opportunities for profit and growth.



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