Climbing high at play

Monkey Mania – climbing high at play time

Ten years ago, Trevor Sidley had a vision.


He realised that there was something missing in the indoor children’s play centre industry and he knew he could create a venue that was truly unique.


Today, there are nine different Monkey Mania venues located across New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, with the Bankstown centre recently adding some fantastic new features.

With his son in mind

When Trevor’s son was two years old, he took him to an indoor play centre to enjoy an adventure-filled excursion. Like any parent, Trevor understood the need for stimulating activities to keep his youngster entertained and to help with development.


Whilst the outing was enjoyable, it planted a seed in Trevor’s mind. He recognised that there was something missing from the centre. And from there he was on the path to Monkey Mania. Together with a business partner, Trevor opened the first Monkey Mania in Fyshwick in 2009. Three years later the Bankstown Sports Club venue opened and has flourished ever since. Trevor tells us …


“We had three venues already in existence when the CEO of Bankstown Sports Club contacted us. He was looking for a family-oriented facility to include in the amazing club and when he visited one of the Monkey Mania locations, he said, ‘This is exactly what we need.’ He left me a message and the partnership went from there.”

With his son in mind
Monkey Mania Bankstown

Exciting activities and parties

Monkey Mania at Bankstown Sports Club offers an exciting range of activities for children. With jumping castles, foam ball arena, slides, climbing structures and electric go-karts, there’s something for every age group. For younger children there is a dedicated toddler area and if parents are game, they can simply put on some socks and join the kids!

There is also a wide range of themed rooms that can be hired for special events, the perfect option for stress-free party planning. You can have a fun time celebrating your little one’s birthday without spending hours preparing.


Better yet… no cleaning up! A great selection of themes are available such as the Candyland room, where children sit around a lollipop swirl table… or the Undersea Mermaid and Pirate room, where everyone sits in a pirate ship. Or even the Enchanted Fairy room where the table is a tree stump and the children sit on colourful mushrooms. Whether your party is for 15 or 100 children, Monkey Mania can cater the event. Plus, adults are welcome to socialise together while the kids burn off all their cake-fueled energy.

Highest indoor play structure

Monkey Mania Bankstown recently added Turbo Climb to their list of attractions. Now your little one can climb somewhere safe and exhilarating rather than swinging from your back fence! The indoor climbing centre opened in 2018 and is very popular. Partnered with a massive twelve metre high play structure in Monkey Mania, there’s a lot to climb at Bankstown Sports Club. Trevor explains …


“We have been very lucky at Bankstown Sports Club! The more ceiling height you can access, the taller the equipment can be. In construction, the club allowed a thirteen-metre-high ceiling, so Monkey Mania has a twelve-metre play structure … the highest play structure in Australia.”


Another very recent extension to Monkey Mania Bankstown is Arcade Alley. The area only opened in February this year and is filled with a great selection of arcade games.


“You can have a fantastic time playing a wide variety of games … and earn tickets that you can redeem for prizes.”

Turbo Climb
Perfect for families

Perfect for families

Trevor tells us that the focus for Monkey Mania has always been on providing a place that the whole family can enjoy.

“Essentially, it’s a wonderful place for parents and children to come and be entertained. Parents have the option to relax with a cup of coffee or they can get involved and play with their kids.


We encourage people to come down to the club in general … there are eight different restaurants, fantastic entertainment for children … Bankstown Sports Club has done a wonderful job of providing an excellent facility for the community.”


To find out more about Monkey Mania visit their website It’s time to get climbing!

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