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A family business success story


Paperway Paperbags has been a specialist manufacturing company within the Canterbury Bankstown region for more than 20 years.


With Victorian origins, the family business is a shining example of how determination and hard work can produce longevity and continued success.

Typical family business


Maureen Agathocleous’ parents founded the company over 40 years ago in Melbourne. They started in the white newspaper industry but soon moved into paper bags. It was a typical family business, where they dedicated their time, money and efforts into its growth and were proud to see it flourish.


As was the case for many family businesses of the time, Maureen joined the organisation when she left high school and has spent her entire life in the paper industry.


When Maureen met her husband, Laki, it was a natural step for him to join the business as well. Together, they moved to Sydney and opened a New South Wales division of the company.

Paperway Paper bags

Maureen explains …

“Laki was originally from Sydney … when we married, he told me ‘Sydney is sunnier’ … so we relocated! When we first moved up from Melbourne, many of Loki’s extended family were based around Bankstown. Some of the cousins were attending school in the area and I wanted our children to be close by.

We rented a house in Condell Park and found a factory that was close to the school so that I didn’t have to travel long distances between home, school and work.

Eventually we bought a house in Yagoona, which was the final part of the plan. Bankstown School, to Condell Park factory, to home in Yagoona … it created the perfect triangle.”

The move was always extremely well planned. Maureen had looked at different areas on a map of Sydney. She knew that she needed the business to be in a central location that was easily accessible, and the Canterbury Bankstown region was ideal.

A family business success story

Paperway services


Paperway produces a range of paper bags from the small lolly bag size through to large butcher bags. They offer to print single or double side, in one or two colours.


Many clients choose to print their company logo, along with a message on their made to order bags. This personalises the packaging that they supply to their customers and can be an important part of their brand marketing.


There is also an opportunity for businesses to advertise on custom made paper bags. For example, an accountant might wish to reach new clients. By printing their details on a bag, then offering those bags to a local café or sandwich shop, the accountant can access a whole new audience in a more personal way.

Maureen says that statistics for paper bag marketing content is up to ten minutes’ reading time, as the individual will read the information on the bag while they enjoy their meal.


This is a substantial figure and indicates that any brand message would be well considered.


The team at Paperway is also community focused. Any local schools that required paper bags for their events are happily supplied free of charge.


The only request that Paperway makes is to promote the use of paper over plastic.


They also donate unique bags for specialist charities such as the Australian Red Cross Blood Service.


The bags are printed with information about how to give blood, why it is so important and dates and times for donation drives.


Paperway also supports Beyond Blue, Trilogy Foundations and the East Hills Charity Car Show.

Sustainability for the future

Sustainability for the future


Wherever possible, Paperway sources Australian paper. The plantations in Victoria are fully certified as sustainable producers and are regularly audited by the government to ensure they comply with regulations. Trees have a seven-year growth cycle and are always replaced once they have been milled for paper.


It is Maureen’s hope that people continue to look at paper as the preferred packaging option. She tells us that in every brown paper bag there is 50% recycled content. Magazines that are placed in a yellow recycling bin come back as half a brown paper bag, which is certainly more sustainable that a single use piece of plastic.


She also hopes to increase awareness of the manufacturing industry…


“Paper manufacturing is still alive in Australia! People think it has all gone overseas, but there’s an entire city in Victoria that is employed by the paper industry … we are still a strong industry here.”

Dynamic growth


Maureen loves to see the growth of the region and is excited to see Canterbury Bankstown become a dynamic city.


“There’s a proud history here. Many amazing people have come from our area and as there are more emerging artists, athletes and powerful people … I truly believe in the phrase ‘where interesting happens’.”


For more information about Paperway Paperbags visit their website or call 9792 5322.

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