Poly Global Australia – investing in Bankstown

Poly Global Australia – investing in Bankstown

Poly Global ventured into the Australian property development market in January 2015.


They started with their flagship project, ‘Poly Horizon’, in Epping and are now bringing a new development to Bankstown. It will be the first of its kind in the suburb and they are excited to watch the old Bankstown RSL Club site grow and transform, supporting the ever-expanding community.

Development projects

When the team from Poly Global first arrived in Australia, they were on a mission to create impressive developments in ideal locations. From Epping to Werrington, they found some great opportunities, and in four short years have grown to have ten active projects across Sydney and Melbourne.


Jay Carter, Sales and Marketing Director, tells us…


Our acquisition team spend a lot of time assessing locations. They perform rigorous feasibility studies and we have a lot of criteria that need to be met when we are selecting a development location.

A potential location must have good accessibility … arterial roads, public transport services and it must be easily connected to surrounding areas.


We also consider the proximity to amenities and the general lifestyle offered in the neighbourhood. Plus, we tend to avoid areas that are already undergoing significant development.


When we started building in Epping, we were one of the first companies to invest … and we continue to look for new areas with potential.

Bankstown RSL site

This search for new potential led them to Bankstown and has created a lot of excitement around the new development.


The old Bankstown RSL site is currently undergoing demolition with an incredible project due to start construction very soon.


Poly Australia’s plan for the old Bankstown RSL is to preserve some of the history of the site, while creating an impressive new residential and mixed-use retail precinct. The current development application is for approximately 520 apartments across four to five towers. With a focus on affordability and sustainability, the apartments will appeal to first home buyers and include energy efficient initiatives for water heating, air conditioning, water capture and reuse, and more. The new dwellings will create a vibrant extension to the local community and support the business economy.

The thoroughfare between Kitchener Parade and Meredith Street will potentially feature a new ‘Eat Street’ with a variety of dining options. Plus, the site has allocated space for potential health services, child care and several multi-purpose, public community spaces.


Jay says…


Our development is the first of its kind in Bankstown. We are building a major development in the area, and we are very excited. Bankstown is a hidden gem … it’s a big suburb, with lots of space … there is so much potential here.

Music in schools

Poly Australia is a proud partner of not-for-profit organisation the Australian Children’s Music Foundation (ACMF). Originally started by Don Spencer OAM from Play School, ACMF seeks to motivate, educate and inspire disadvantaged youth in free, long-term music programs.


In 2018, they started their first project together with Poly Australia funding a music education program at a local Auburn Primary School. Every Monday, a music teacher spends the day teaching at the school. All years from Kindergarten through to Year Six spend time with the teacher and enjoy singing, song-writing, percussion, drumming and guitar tuition.

The results are already overwhelmingly positive with the school seeing an increase in attendance and the children developing greater self-esteem.

ACMF’s mission

As part of ACMF’s mission to bring music to underprivileged children, Poly Australia also funded a trip to rural China in early 2018. A team from ACMF visited small village schools in the Guangdong region where they have very few resources. Jay explains…


It was a very special trip, helping children who don’t have the same opportunities that we do. Music classes have such a positive effect. The kids love it!

Waving the flag

With the metro line making Bankstown even more accessible, there is incredible potential for our community. Jay looks forward to the changes to come…


We would love to see other developers recognise this potential and start to give more ‘love’ to the area. We might be the first player on the block, but we would like to see others waving the Bankstown flag.


Poly Australia will be launching sales for the new development in late 2019. Find out more about the Bankstown project on the Poly Global Australia website polyglobal.com/au.


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