• Connecting Business Leaders with Future Leaders
  • Inspiring Dreams with Real Experience
  • Understanding True Leadership Under a Mentor

CEO for a Day! connects local, aspiring Year 10 to 12 students with a Senior Executive in their community in a field that they’re interested in, giving them the opportunity to walk in the shoes of a local leader.

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CEO For A Day - Coming Soon


We are excited to announce that we are expanding CEO For A Day! to more areas and cohorts!

We will soon be opening CEO For A Day! to:

  • the Fairfield area
  • the Liverpool area
  • the Strathfield area
  • Youth who are no longer in school

Are you a young person wanting more advice and guidance? Are you an aspiring mentor looking to support our future generation? Sign Up for our program now!

Why Sign Up?

Many of our youth in Canterbury-Bankstown and Western Sydney don’t realise just how many opportunities are out there waiting for them.

From professional opportunities to personal and social growth, there are a myriad of career and lifestyle options available for our young people. As the world continues to rapidly evolve, helping youth cultivate their readiness and adaptability is important to make them feel confident about their futures.

This is why the Canterbury Bankstown Chamber of Commerce started CEO For A Day!

With this program, we aim to equip youth with practical insights for leadership and expand their access to diverse experiences, mentors, and industries. We want to cultivate an environment that celebrates their diverse perspectives and encourages inclusivity and innovation.

By working collectively, we can establish a network of support throughout the community, from parents to educators to community leaders to professionals, to give the leaders of tomorrow continuous guidance and resources they need to succeed.

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What Our Community Says About CEO For A Day!

  • The ‘CEO For A Day!’ program is a fantastic local initiative. I thank the CBCC for delivering this initiative and encourage CEOs, business and community leaders and schools to get involved in this year’s program.

    Robert Macey, Managing Director of Transdev
  • [The CEOs] assisted me to make good decisions about my future career path by advising me.

    Mona, CEO For A Day! participant
  • We spoke about ways [my mentee] could achieve his goals and some of the skills he already has to help him on the way. I think this really gave him a sense of confidence and realised that he had more skills than he realised.

    Michael Everett, Program Manager of MWLP
  • This program is a great platform to give back to community and really exposure students to the for and not-for-profit industries.

    Clare Pearson, CEO of Little Wings
  • My mentor was a truly inspirational person, role model, and friend. It was lovely hearing her story and how she got to where she is, shining hope and excitement for me. I am intrigued and cannot wait to implement her practices, lessons and teachings to not only educate myself but others around me.

    Isabella, CEO For A Day! Participant
  • Mona is a future leader if she chooses. She is destined to good things.

    Jo Johnston, Director of Collappor8
  • High level introduction for CEO For A Day!.

    Rosanna Mendez, Zip Water Executive Assistant
  • This experience has significantly broadened my understanding of my passion and career goals. A special thank you to the entire team for being truly awesome throughout this inspiring initiative.

    Tarik, CEO For A Day! participant
  • Enjoyed sharing with them life skills to reach their potential.

    Dinaaz Lentin, CEO of Lentin Pty Ltd
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Empowering The Future

Since launching CEO For A Day!, our community has embraced our program enthusiastically.

We have successfully run three rounds of CEO For A Day! in 2022, linking 30 students to their mentors in Canterbury-Bankstown who gave them inspiration, experience, and guidance for their futures. Six local schools (and counting!) have become program partners: Al Noori Muslim School, Bankstown Girls High School, Bass High School, Birrong Boys High School, Birrong Girls High School, and Condell Park High School.

In fact, the program has quickly expanded beyond Canterbury-Bankstown. We had one student mentee hailing all the way from Manly in 2023, and Fairfield, Liverpool, and Strathfield schools have expressed strong interest in joining our program in 2024.

By empowering young minds to build confidence, resilience, and a passion for lifelong learning, we secure a future that is limitless. Become part of the movement today!

As a Mentor:


  • Encourage participation and discussion
  • Set clear expectations and boundaries
  • Organise their day appropriately to showcase their professional leadership

As a Student:


  • Take the initiative to ask questions
  • Engage with their mentor’s day as much as possible
  • Observe, broaden their horizons, and don’t hesitate to challenge themselves

How Does it Work?

Aspiring Year 10 to 12 students looking to broaden their horizons will have the opportunity to be mentored by a local business leader, CEO, or community leader for a day each school term.

The students will be able to walk in their mentor’s shoes and inspire new ambitions. From daily work activities to community engagements that come with being an industry leader, students will get a taste of what a prospective day as a professional leader might look like for them in the future.

We like to acknowledge this Children and Young People Wellbeing Initiative project is jointly funded by the Commonwealth and the New South Wales Government.

Tackling Youth Concerns

CEO for a Day! is designed to tackle the three foremost concerns that students have when they think of work. These are:

  • Lack of Skills
  • Lack of Experience
  • Lack of Connections

By joining our program, students not only gain valuable perspectives on work, leadership, and life, but also connect to the current industry professionals in their mentor’s field. Throughout the day, students will be able to hone their interests and bolster their confidence.

For our youth, the world is their oyster. CEO For A Day! will inspire them to dream big whilst gaining insight and knowledge on how to achieve their dreams.


Youth Expo 2023 – Where future begins

To celebrate our youth initiative “CEO for a Day!” we hosted a special event: CBCC Youth Expo 2023.

This exciting free event inspired and empowered young people aged 14-24 and their families to explore their potential and opportunities for their present and future.

Click here to visit the photo gallery of the event

This project was jointly funded by the Commonwealth and the New South Wales Government.

A Glimpse into CEO for a Day!

Discover the transformative experience of our CEO for a Day! program as we open the doors to bright local students at Zip Water.

Our program participants get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings, from the innovation centre to the executive suite.

Listen to what these future leaders have to say about their exciting day as CEOs. Their reflections and takeaways from the experience are a testament to the impact of our CEO for a Day! program.

Join us in fostering the next generation of leaders and change-makers.

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