BRAVE Project

To have strong, fearless, fulfilled women is to have a strong, fearless, and fulfilled community.

BRAVE is a movement.

A movement to help women find the bravery to chase their dreams with confidence. The strength to stand up and challenge the barriers that stop them from achieving these dreams. The freedom to do what gives them joy, from being an entrepreneur to being a mother to being a thought leader. The power to lift and support other women who find it difficult to be brave.

Through BRAVE, the CBCC Board and Women’s Committee aims to grow a community that will support, inspire, empower, and motivate women to become who they want to be. Join the movement and become part of the change.


Be Brave To Be Authentically You

The CBCC is dedicated to advancing women’s interests. Since our establishment in 2016, the CBCC has been committed to breaking down the invisible barriers that prevent women from becoming fearlessly themselves.

These invisible barriers include systematic barriers like the ‘glass ceiling’ or gender pay inequalities, or cultural or societal expectations on the paths that women should follow, such as working in certain industries, expectations on motherhood, or prioritising family over careers.

More importantly, the CBCC hopes to help women examine the invisible barriers within themselves that may have been created by internalising the social or cultural norms taught to them from childhood, and help them find the bravery to break free of these barriers.

BRAVE project breaking barriers through inclusivity
Demographic of Canterbury-Bankstown

Being BRAVE in Canterbury Bankstown

Canterbury-Bankstown is one of Australia’s most diverse areas. We are a refugee welcome zone, and represent over 120 nationalities and 200 language groups. Over 50% of our population is culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) and speaks a language other than English at home.

Although this makes Canterbury-Bankstown vibrant and colourful, this diversity means our community faces more barriers than most. Research has shown that CALD people, especially those who just arrived in Australia either as a migrant or a refugee, often have lower levels of English proficiency, find it hard to navigate Australian systems, or face carer responsibilities.

CALD women have extra barriers that may come from having an ethic background that has historical, religious, or social prejudices against women studying or working, preventing the women who have education or career aspirations from chasing their dreams.

By introducing BRAVE, the CBCC hopes to change attitudes within Canterbury-Bankstown to lift, support, and encourage the dreams and aspirations of each and every community member without judgement.

Building Blocks To A BRAVE Community

The CBCC has placed advancing women’s interests as a priority since our establishment in 2016:

  • Since 2017, our annual Women in Leadership event has aligned with International Women’s Day to celebrate the amazing achievements of women in Western Sydney, inviting local women leaders to share their experiences and advice on continuing to blaze a trail towards equality
  • In 2021, the CBCC established a policy task force of 9 women who volunteer to guide and inform the CBCC Board on how to better advocate for equality
  • In 2022, the CBCC achieved a gender-balanced Board of Directors and established a Women’s Committee of dedicated local women leaders, entrepreneurs, and educators who volunteer to tackle issues facing women in business
  • In 2023, the CBCC launched the BRAVE Project with support from Multicultural NSW to begin a systematic and fundamental attitude change for women’s rights and interests
    • As part of BRAVE, the CBCC also introduced BRAVE Return To Work. With the support of Women NSW, this program will provide Western Sydney women who want to return to work with the skills and opportunities they need to help them with their return to work journey.

Be BRAVE. Join us and be part of the change.

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Issues Preventing Women from being BRAVE

It’s important to note that the expectation for women to be brave should not be a burden but rather a call for society to address the underlying issues of gender inequality and discrimination. The ultimate goal is to create a world where both men and women can pursue their goals and dreams without facing unnecessary barriers or the need for exceptional bravery. It’s about dismantling the obstacles that require this bravery in the first place.

Gender Inequality

Women across the world have faced gender-based discrimination, oppression, and limitations on their rights and opportunities throughout history till the current day. From expectations on duties within the family to what roles and careers are deemed more suitable, women often need to exhibit bravery to challenge these inequalities and pursuing opportunities that may not be readily available to them.

Breaking Stereotypes

Traditional gender roles and stereotypes have often confined women to certain roles and behaviours, especially in cultures where gender roles are enforced more strongly. When women choose to defy these stereotypes by pursuing careers in male-dominated fields, speaking out against injustice, or pursuing unconventional paths, they are seen as brave because they are breaking societal norms.

Advocating For Change

Historically, women have been at the forefront of numerous social and political movements advocating for gender equality, women’s rights, and social justice. In Australia, this began in 1882 with the first Australian female trade union, quickly followed by the formation of the first Woman’s Suffrage in 1884. This advocacy often requires courage as it involves challenging established power structures and societal norms.

Overcoming Challenges

Women face unique challenges across the world which may stem from their culture, religion, or ethnicity. These challenges include limited access to female specific healthcare, limited access to education, gender-based violence, and economic disparities. Overcoming these challenges, which may be systematic, can require more bravery, resilience, and strength.


Encouraging women to have the courage, self-confidence, and self-assertion to take control of their lives, make choices that align with their aspirations, and stand up for their own rights and the rights of other women requires both personal empowerment within women and systematic change. By empowering women and men to live fearlessly and authentically, BRAVE pushes for a stronger and more equal society.

Support Our Initiative

By standing together, we join our voices in advocating for the most important and pressing issues to large stages like the various levels of government that we otherwise would not be able to achieve alone.

To truly create an equal society for all, we can always use your support in BRAVE.

Want to do more? Join the CBCC’s other initiatives by sponsoring our annual Women in Leadership event, joining the CBCC, participating in our Taskforce, or putting your name down as a potential speaker and advocate.

We are always open to hearing from you!

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