Our members want us to understand business pain points & lobby for change

Doing our best to improve the situation for business. Without a strong voice, we really just fall silent.

Our members are heavily involved in the local, state and international economy so it stands to reason that we the CBCC form policy task forces to ensure businesses interests are being represented at local, State and Federal levels of government.

CBCC Policy Taskforce

Why We Do It!

A policy taskforce to tackle the big issues. The CBCC organises members to work together with key stakeholders in our community. We keep our ears to the ground – we also encourage our members through engagement, feedback, requests and meetings to identify emerging and critical concerns. We lobby government and seek to transformational change within the communities we operate.

What We Do

We identify key issues impacting businesses and find practical solutions to ensure our members prosper and grow through working closely with our CEO and the whole community

We advocate to improve business outcomes, business environments, dynamism and future sustainability and other critical sustainability concerns for all businesses in our local area by providing free access to educational workshops and materials.

By always remembering our mission to community responsibility, advocacy and advancement, we constantly push to make our region and beyond better places to do work, live, study and do business.

Our Boards Committment

A Targeted Approach

Our board supports the creation of a Policy Taskforce for issues that matter to our membership. If you have an issue, please contact our CEO, or any member of our Board and arrange a meeting.

Working with Government during COVID-19

The Chamber and our Policy Taskforce have adopted a bipartisan approach to working with all levels of Government.

As a Chamber of Commerce, our membership includes anyone involved in commerce and trade, local. domestic or abroad. Whether we’re working with the local council, State Government or the Federal Ministers, we want to deliver the best outcomes for our hardworking businesses that have suffered during the past two years. We are resilient albeit, we’re in unchartered territories, so collaboration and communication will be instrumental in the whole of community being a part of the solution that restores economic and social prosperity.