Personal Finance Basics

BRAVE Microcredentials

Empower your financial future with BRAVE Microcredentials: Personal Finance Basics.

As part of BRAVE, this course is delivered by Western Sydney University and offers a comprehensive foundation in personal finance whilst exploring life skills including mindset, goal setting, employment, and decision-making.

The CBCC aims to help you instil financial responsibility and build healthy financial habits, enabling you to make informed financial decisions and confidently navigate your life’s journey.

CBCC BRAVE Microcredential: Personal Finance Basics

Be Financially BRAVE

In today’s complex financial landscape, being financially literate is more than a skill – it’s the pathway to freedom.

Financial literacy gives you the knowledge to make informed decisions about your money. From everyday budgeting to long-term investing, it’s the foundation for financial independence and security. Feel confident as you learn to navigate challenges, capitalise on opportunities, and achieve your dreams fearlessly.

And by becoming financially literate, you become financially brave. Gain control over your financial future, understand the implications of your financial choices, and be equipped to set and achieve meaningful financial goals. Strengthen your money management, become responsible at debt handling, and promote the accumulation of savings and investments.

Cultivate your sense of confidence and become BRAVE in your financial life and beyond.

CBCC BRAVE - WSU Microcredentials Personal Finance Basics
Financial Literacy Study

The Aims of Personal Finance Basics

BRAVE Microcredentials: Personal Finance Basics aims to help you truly understand how to manage your money wisely.

By joining this course, you will:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of personal finance, such as money management, budgeting, saving, investing, and debt management
  • Learn to make informed decisions about your money
  • Start to establish and maintain healthy financial habits
  • Gain confidence and develop an attitude of financial responsibility
  • Develop life skills related to personal finance, such as mindset, goal-setting, employment, and decision-making
  • Learn to apply these skills in real-world financial situations

Upon completion, you will feel ready and able to take care of your money in ways that make you feel secure and positive about your financial future.

The Requirements of Personal Finance Basics

Course Type: Short Course

Start Date: Start any time

Duration: 10-15 hours, approximately 1 hour per week

Cost: Free for BRAVE participants

Mode: Online classes, with an optional face-to-face workshop

Receive a Certificate of Completion when you complete this course.

This course is offered in partnership with Western Sydney University.

The Outcomes of Personal Finance Basics

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Understand the factors that influence financial decision-making for an individual
  • Develop a personal budget and savings plan
  • Compare and understand the benefits and costs of various spending decisions
  • Evaluate basic investment information and compare alternatives
  • Understand employment concepts, such as contracts, payslips, and different income sources, including from self-employment
  • Understand how superannuation works
  • Explore how various financial decisions contribute to building personal wealth
  • Understand how to protect against financial loss, including what happens to your assets when you die
  • Create an action plan for your personal finances

Unleash Your Potential

The CBCC recognises that being confident in your ability to manage your personal finances and having strong overall financial well-being and stability is essential to living your best life. However, the CBCC also understands that it can be difficult for Canterbury-Bankstown women to be financially BRAVE.

Why is this?

Canterbury-Bankstown is one of Australia’s most diverse areas. We represent over 120 nationalities and 200 language groups. Over 50% of our population is culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) and speaks a language other than English at home.

Although this makes Canterbury-Bankstown vibrant and colourful, this diversity means our community faces more barriers than most.

Research has shown that CALD people, especially CALD women, face extra barriers that may come from having an ethnic background that has historical, religious, or social prejudices against certain industries, or against women studying or working. This prevents those with career or education aspirations from chasing their dreams.

By introducing BRAVE and opportunities like BRAVE Return-To-Work and BRAVE Microcredentials: Personal Finance Basics, the CBCC hopes to change attitudes within Canterbury-Bankstown to lift, support, and encourage the dreams and aspirations of each and every community member without judgement.

Join BRAVE today!

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