Our youth need experience to get that next job opportunity.

We foster a positive culture towards providing our youth with work experience and work placement opportunities.

CBCC Work Experience

The problem: work experience solves

Our youth have many challenges in front of them. The problems they face are often not their fault. Recently, businesses have tightened their belts and there have been opportunities for students to access appropriate experience to make them employable. The CBCC acknowledges its part in being able to help SMEs prepare themselves to offer students work experience to the benefit of the business itself and to the future talent pool from which we all hire.

CBCC Work Experience

Work Place Safety

There can be substantial compliance when offering a student work experience or work placement. We help businesses participate by providing a framework.

It is critical that we provide students with a relevant, interesting work experience in the safest way. By helping businesses with a framework for helping students, we’re working to help our youth with a social issue confronting them. We also promote safe work for all workers and this initiative can be a segway to other gaps in their operations.

Our Interns & Student Pilot Program

Menai High School

We were fortunate enough to receive a student from Menai High School from a referral of a CBCC ambassador. This student was in year 10. During his time with us, he was placed with a management consulting firm, and at a local charity where he thrived at both.

The student not only received soft skills and real-life experience working under real conditions, he also developed important interpersonal skills by assisting at a #BA5 event as a host. He enjoyed his time and suspects it was an experience he’d never forget. We work with local Schools to deliver good outcomes.

What is Student Work Experience?

Gain genuine industry experience and skills in a field you’re interested in to support your dreams and career.

Many young people say they feel like they have no actionable skills to contribute to their future jobs, but that isn’t true. Work experience highlights just how much value you already have, and helps you start building a plan for your future.