Every year, many CBCC members step up and volunteer their time and expertise to our events. When our active and eager community sees a need, they step up time and time again to offer what they can, whether by being a keynote speaker, participating in committees, organising events, or engaging in mentorship. Check out our opportunities below!


How Can You Volunteer

The CBCC thrives off the willingness of our community to step up when they see another member in need. Empower your local business community and support the continuing growth of our Chamber by:

  • Offering to share your expertise as a keynote speaker in one of our events
  • Participate in one of our community programs, such as providing mentoring
  • Become a Policy Taskforce member
  • Donate your services in-kind

Our Big, Ongoing Thanks

We deeply thank the efforts of our volunteers, who contribute to running our events, administration and event coordination so that all our activities run smoothly. Without the efforts of our volunteers, the CBCC would not have been able to grow, reach and connect to so many local organisations these past few years. We owe much of our success to you all who continue to support and believe in what we advocate for. Thank you again!

Want to Volunteer

We appreciate offers of support from our members at any time. The passion and involvement of our members to help out their local community are what makes the CBCC an exciting place to be as we continue to grow and broaden our horizons. Want to volunteer in one of our many programs, or want to see what you can do? Contact us! We’ll be more than happy to hear what you wish to offer.

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