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BRAVE Return To Work is a volunteer based CBCC initiative that aims to provide South-West and Western Sydney CALD women looking to return to work with the wrap-around skills and opportunities they need for a successful career comeback. With the support of Women NSW and in partnership with Western Sydney University and corporate and organisational partners, the CBCC will provide participating women with recognised credentials, resources, and connections to a strong network of active and unbiased entrepreneurs, employers, and mentors.

As part of the CBCC’s BRAVE project, BRAVE Return To Work will be instrumental in helping empower women to be brave and chase their dreams without fear of judgement.

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Returning To Work Takes More Courage Than You’d Expect

Many challenges face people looking to return to work. Research from LinkedIn revealed that one in five hiring managers rejected candidates who had taken an extended period off work. For women, a recent NSW study revealed that 51% of women returning to work lacked confidence, preventing them from getting ahead in their careers after taking a career break.

Women who are from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds face even more difficulties. Over 50% of women in Canterbury-Bankstown are CALD. Many face language barriers or discrimination due to their race, ethnicity, or language proficiency. Moreover, for women who come from an ethnic background with strong historical, religious, cultural, or gender prejudices against women working, returning to work can become an extremely difficult task.

As a response, the CBCC will strive to create a supportive environment that fosters personal and professional growth and addresses the specific needs and aspirations of CALD women. BRAVE Return To Work will offer: micro-credentials, digital and financial literacy, and tailored mentorship and training to give wrap-around support to help more women gain confidence to reignite their careers and professional journeys.

Become A Mentor

Mentors are people who have the experience and accomplishments to support others. They take an active interest in their mentee’s careers, share their experiences, encourage new ways of thinking, and help learn or develop skills.

If you would love to share your wisdom with the people who would benefit from them the most, sign up as a BRAVE Mentor.

Become A Mentee

Want to return to work but finding it a bit nerve-wracking? A mentor can help you develop your skills, expand your network, and guide you as you find your footing re-entering the professional world.

If you would love the guidance of more experienced professionals or the advice of your peers as you consider returning to work, it’s time to sign up as a BRAVE mentee.

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Become a Mentor AND Mentee

Mentorship can benefit you at any point in your journey. There are great lessons to be had from guiding someone as a mentor, and in learning lessons from someone more experienced as a mentee.

At the CBCC, we encourage our members to share the knowledge and subscribe to life-long learning. If you would like to be both a mentor and mentee, sign up now.

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Empowerment through Education

Providing education opportunities to learn, hone, and refresh their skills is key to building confidence in women seeking to re-enter the workforce. For women who face additional challenges, such as language or cultural barriers for CALD women, short courses and micro-credentials are a wonderful opportunity for them to gain empowerment and self-improvement and increase their networks and opportunities.

The CBCC will offer short courses in Financial Literacy in partnership with Western Sydney University. The CBCC will also work with corporate and organisational partners to deliver short courses in Language Proficiency, Digital Literacy, Legal Literacy, and Tackling Sociocultural Barriers. These courses aim to support women to increase their ability to successfully complete micro-credentials and gain employment.

Additionally, the CBCC will develop program courses that will develop self-confidence and entrepreneurial skills for return to work women, with consideration to sociocultural factors for CALD women.

The Importance of Mentorship

Mentoring is believed by many female leaders to be one of the top strategies to help close gender gaps, such as the gender pay gap, in business and industry. For women returning to work, mentorship can be a powerful connector to help boost their comeback to the workforce.

More specifically, woman-to-woman mentorship can be one of the most powerful ways to support a woman re-entering the workforce. It provides tailored guidance and relatable support for the unique challenges that women face, such as navigating potential biases, maintaining work-life balance, and career growth. The mentorship often becomes a safe space for open dialogue, boosting confidence and self-esteem throughout the return to work process.

In Canterbury-Bankstown, these mentorships will build a strong network of women professionals for CALD women who wish to return to work, helping them to break through barriers for greater gender equality for current and future generations.

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Creating Change Through Awareness

Beyond having the right skills or networks, many diverse women face shame, stigma, or embarrassment due to health or sociocultural factors that prevent them from returning to work, such as juggling family priorities, endometriosis or menopause, or facing biases against women who work.

Through advocacy, the CBCC will shine a spotlight on these issues to educate the Canterbury-Bankstown community and promote social change. We will encourage our society to re-evaluate preconceived notions about gender roles and capabilities to reduce bias in our community. We will provide CALD women seeking to return to work with a platform where they can share their stories, building solidarity with other ambitious CALD women. We will share resources for local businesses and employers to properly support and accommodate return-to-work women.

By combining education, mentorship, and advocacy, the CBCC aims to empower diverse women to successfully navigate return to work challenges for a smoother, stronger transition back into the workforce.

CBCC Women's Initiatives

The CBCC has been dedicated to advancing women’s interests since our establishment in 2016.

We have a Women’s Committee of dedicated local women leaders, entrepreneurs, and educators who volunteer to tackle issues facing women in business, and a policy task force of 9 women who volunteer to guide and inform the CBCC Board on how to better advocate for equality.

Our annual Women in Leadership event has aligned with International Women’s Day to celebrate the amazing achievements of women in Western Sydney, inviting local women leaders to share their experiences and advice on continuing to blaze a trail towards equality

The CBCC Board of Directors has been gender-balanced since 2022.

The CBCC’s BRAVE Project aims to begin a systematic and fundamental attitude change for women’s rights and interests in Canterbury-Bankstown and beyond.

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By standing together, we join our voices in advocating for the most important and pressing issues to large stages like the various levels of government that we otherwise would not be able to achieve alone.

Join BRAVE Return To Work as a mentor or mentee, or attend one of our workshops.

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