CBCC Round Table | New Chamber Program

CBCC Round Table | New Chamber Program

The CBCC Round Table

I joined my first round table four months ago. I joined because Wally Mehanna said I should. Because I have so much respect for Wally, my business partner Leah and I both attended – no questions asked. After my first session, I was in awe of the possibilities that a program like this could have for our members and its employees.

The CBCC rewards members who take initiative to develop community programs. The Round Table I was participating in was the third of its kind, so our Round Table acted as a testing and soundboard team. The program was drafted three times, and presented back to the team. What is on offer now is a program focusing on the following core issues facing business today:

  1. Mental Health
  2. Networking
  3. Leadership

How the CBCC Round Table Helped Me

I co-founded Collappor8 2 years ago. Collappor8 is a management consulting firm that develops and executes strategic plans. We’re a one-stop-shop for business, with 6 key practice areas. What our clients ask of us is vast! It could be cloud accounting set up, web and app development, CRM customisations. processes and tenders. No day is like another.

Whilst this is fun and very rewarding, it can be very scary and equally stressful. The CBCC Round Table provided me a safe, informative and supportive group to help me process whatever was on my mind. How to be in a partnership, how to compartmentalise my isssues and most importantly they kept me motivated and on a timeline that was manageable for resolving my issues.

I gained a new chiropractor, got a new client and made several new friends. With no downside, I am not only the driving force behind the further development of the program, I am also an advocate for this program and now a Chair for my very own group.

CBCC Round Table - Critical Issues facing business

CBCC Round Table Credits: Round Table

The CBCC extends its thanks to the participants that assisting in the development of this program. In particular, the particpants for the Round Table Team 3:

Start You own Journey


CBCC Round Table Meta

Jo Johnston

Partner & Management Consultant


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Written by Collappor8
Collappor8 - Business Redesigned. We’re a one-stop-shop for businesses that need a strategy, and people to execute those strategies. Call us when you're ready to make real changes!

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