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Hi, we are Empowered Credit Control. We provide debt collection training, templates and coaching for small business owners and freelancers. We also provide online networking sessions most Friday mornings.

In our Small Business Debt Collection Training webinar, we show you how to create a debt collection strategy for your business that gets you paid on time and keeps your working relationships strong.

When you do debt collection the right way it adds so much value to your business, here’s how:

  • You build trust with your customers – this leads to repeat work and customer referrals.
  • You protect your business from reputational damage – poor collections practices damage your business’ good name. When you are 100% in control of how your customers are treated throughout the debt collection process your reputation is protected.
  • You have a better idea of when you are going to get paid – a successful debt collection process starts before you even issue an invoice.

More details can be found on our website:


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