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Farah Youssef

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For the last 16 years I have worked in multiple industries and fields e.g., Retail, Telecommunications, Customer Service, Dental, Business Administration & Training. I love being able to problem solve, educate others, as well as provide a fresh new perspective in Business. I like to approach things from a birds-eye view before being able to dive deep and pinpoint the issues that businesses face, whilst being able to provide strategic plans to put into place.


FY Business is not just your ordinary Consulting Firm. We are your one-stop destination for business services, solutions and experiences, making it easy and stress free for all. The purpose behind FY Business is to save you considerable time and effort from having to find and locate different types of services and resources, so that you can focus on your work and the things you love. With a multiple range of services that is constantly expanding, I have a strong focus on assessing businesses for improvement, training, strategising and discussing new ideas, as well as observing the gaps and details that are often missed or neglected.


I have experience as a Dental Practice Manager, operating a successful catering business, gaining multiple Nationally Recognised Business Certifications, as well as holding a TAE Trainer and Assessor qualification. I am also currently studying a Digital Marketing course whilst juggling a business and motherhood. My constant hunger for learning and growth allows me to obtain and seek more knowledge from across the world. This empowers me to provide more for my clients and throughout all the services I offer.


I have been trained by Global Business Mentors and in September 2022, I was awarded a Business Multiplier Award from Global Leading Mentor, Aaron Sansoni. I am passionate about helping others, so if you’re an existing, established/aspiring business owner, a team member, an individual who just needs extra guidance + support, or an organisation itching for a new idea, do not hesitate to reach out and email me My aim is to provide you with the best achievable care, attention and service.


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