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Innovationclub trading as NuPAL

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25, Anglo Road, Campsie, NSW 2194


Innovation Club (Trading as NuPal) will be an advanced pulp ware sustainable packaging manufacturer of agriculturalwaste compostable biopolymers and other bio-based products (e.g., flexible films [bags]) using numerous locally sourced feedstock (biomass – a renewable energy source) as raw material inputs. This is a viable and environmentally safe alternative to petroleum-derived plastics that when disposed of after use, are harmful and the main cause of the growing plastic pollution which now poses a risk to human health. Further, compostable plastics offers a green manufacturing process that minimises climate change problems, eradicates the use of toxic substances and strengthens economic growth by empowering rural farms, forestry, and allied industries.

The release of the National Plastics Plan 2021 has made the Australian market lucrative particularly for packaging solutions for both the end-consumer and business users. This is because by 2025, 100% of packaging must be reusable, recyclable, or compostable; and 70% of plastic packaging must be recycled or composted. In addition, the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on halting global supply chains and the advent of the Modern Slavery Act in 2018 are contextual factors that both support the establishment of Australian made and owned products for the local market.

For these reasons, as well as the positive environmental impact the facility will provide through the products it will produce, the facility will be a much-needed addition to the circular, sustainable Australian economy.