CBCC Women in Leadership – It finally Happened | CBCC Event


CBCC Women in Leadership – It finally Happened | CBCC Event

The Women in Leadership – Celebration of Women from Western Sydney doing amazing things finally happened on Monday 31 August 2020. In the spirit of the Canterbury Bankstown Chamber, this event embodied our values:

    1. Togetherness
    2. Collaboration
    3. Perseverance and
    4. Success!

Much of the event was lived streamed via Facebook and can be watched and shared from there.

Women and Leadership 2020 was a hit with attendees who were ecstatic that the event went ahead despite COVID-19 & social distancing. It is possible to network and observe the new social distancing rules. Clearly there is a new norm, but, the CBCC is committed to bringing its members together to do business, share experience and provide support to those that need it.

“We are undoubtedly facing unprecedented times. It is at times like this that strong and effective leadership becomes even more important and we are already seeing people across all walks of life…doing extraordinary things”

Why was this event so important to so many that women in leadership 2020 went ahead?

In times of uncertainty, leadership instils confidence. It is important to drive business forward and to demonstrate that with desire and perseverance and a great team behind you – what seems to be the impossible is in fact – doable. Opportunities are what we make of them and fear and annoyance should not be an obstacle to success.

Panelled Speakers

The issues facing women are real. Capability and not Gender should be the only determinant for who should be in a Leadership roleGender does not play a role in making someone a good leader, It’s the circumstances and grooming which do. When the CBCC runs an event like women in leadership it so that women and men alike can learn with like-minded professionals and stay up to date on the latest thinking around leadership and gender equity. Our panel have generational experiences to share, but there was one common message…we must strive for equality but we’re are also responsible for our own successes.

The Hon. Bronnie Taylor, MLC. Minister for Mental Health, Regional Youth and Women
Ms Suada Bilaly, Principal Bankstown Girls High School
Ms Fazila Farhad, Managing Director, Ramada Hotel & Suites By Wyndham Sydney Cabramatta
Miss Samantha Economos, representing the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs
Sandra Duarte, Chief Executive Officer Centrum Printing Australia
Grace Dagher, Owner Bespoke Weddings and Events
Lee de Winton, FRAeS Chair- Forum on Western SYDNEY Airport | Moderator.

Thank You Tender Loving Care Disability Services
Event Major Sponsor 🏋️

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