Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance

Why is work life balance so important?

For me it helps with the following aspects of my life:-

  1. Prevent burn out
  2. Relieve stress
  3. Gives me something to look forward to
  4. Mentally rewarding and stimulating
  5. Spending quality time with my family


A little introduction to what I do.  I have worked in real estate for 29 years, for 15 years I have worked in property management and the last 3 ½ years have started my own property management business – Vault Property Management.

Property management is fast paced, there is a huge demand on time management, multi-tasking, resolving conflict, being available for emergency repairs and the list goes on.  If you are an investor  you too have probably experienced a change of manager that is looking after your property.  It is typical for most managers to burn out after a year due to the demanding pressures put on them in their role.

To overcome this it is important to focus on a passion in life, something you can switch off to the world and be engulfed by it.

For me this passion is fishing.   You can fish in a number of different styles such as throw a bait out and sit and wait for a bite or actually lure fish and proactively find the fish.   For me because I have a fast paced job I like to keep the pace up and lure fish to find the fish.  If I sat and soaked a bait I would start thinking about all the things I have to do.  It is also not just about the fishing it is also about being out on the water, at one with nature, breathing the fresh air (although it is a little smoky at the moment), feeling the sunlight on your face and watching mother nature at its best.

I love property management because I love the different challenges you can face each week or even each day.  Some of the tasks can be repetitive but to break that up each relationship between landlord and tenant can have its challenges and getting to the bottom of some  repair issues. In fishing I love the challenge of finding them on the sonar and working out how you are going to catch them and then achieving that goal, feeling the adrenaline as you hook a fish up, much like achieving that new listing – it always brings a smile to my face.

My fishing journey began when I  was a small child throwing a bait over hoping for the best with my dad.  It then developed further when I met my now husband who introduced me to lure fishing.  We then grew together in our passion for fishing, achieving marlin fishing from the rocks to wining $20,000 bream tournaments, holding Australian Records and all our own personal achievements in between.

Nobody knows what life has in store for them.  I have experienced a friend at the age of 38 years have a brain aneurism  (much like a stroke) and to date is still going through rehabilitation and unable to work and enjoy the things he used to.

Working long hours and not looking after yourself can affect you physically and mentally and put pressures on your health and relationships.

So, I challenge you to take some time out of your busy working life, whether you are working for someone or running your own business and find what makes you happy, what releases your endorphins, stimulates you mentally and physically and makes you forget about work, at least for the moment.

Give it a chance and watch the results in both your personal and work life.

Vicki Lear

Managing Director

Vault Property Management

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