CBCC Member Benefits – The Gift of Membership: Up to 5!

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CBCC Member Benefits – The Gift of Membership | CBCC Offers

The CBCC is excited to announce that we are adding even more value to CBCC’s membership options!

We’ve heard our members, and we know just how passionate our membership is to pay it forward – to empower their community by creating real, practical and positive change. That’s why we’re adding ‘The Gift of Membership’ to our Silver and Bronze tiers of membership, something that was only available for our Corporate level partners before.

This update to our membership includes:

  • Bronze Members – 1 Gift of Membership
  • Silver Members – 2 Gifts of Membership
  • Corporate Members – 5 Gifts of Membership.

The Gift of Membership

The Gift of Membership allows members to gift a Basic membership – valued at $161.70 – to any business they want to sponsor and enjoy all the benefits a Basic member receives. This includes being included in the CBCC’s Business Listing, being invited to our programs (like our Round Tables), promoting their business in an article in the CBCC’s Monthly Magazine, advertising on our social media with a post, and member discounts to all events by the CBCC and our affiliates.

This means this is the perfect gift for any organisation that you want to support in your community, whether it’s a client or an organisation from your personal interests.

Whether it’s a small business that can’t afford membership, a school that doesn’t know about the Chamber, your local church or charity that wants to get more involved, or a sports association, they’d be able to tap into the CBCC’s vast network of highly engaged members, ready to connect with them, their causes, and learn from our events.

Continuing and broadening the scope of our Gift of Membership is CBCC’s commitment to our core mission: to continue promoting local businesses, connect people, build strong friendships, and highlight the strengths of Canterbury-Bankstown to work, live, study, and do business.

Are you a Bronze, Silver or Corporate member? Can you think of anyone that needs a leg up, or would benefit from being included in our directory? Connect them now!

What to Do to Provide a Gift of Membership

Ready to empower another with one of your Gifts, and help them connect them to the fastest growing Chamber in NSW?

  1. Receive your Discount Codes

Alongside this adjustment, the CBCC is streamlining the process for you to use your Gift of Membership. Once you’ve come on as a Bronze, Silver or Corporate Member of the CBCC, we will send you your unique Discount Codes that correspond to the Gifts that you’re entitled to have.

2. Send the Discount Code to the organisation you want to Gift your Membership to

You’ve found someone you really want to benefit from all that the CBCC has to offer. All you have to do now is send them one of your Discount Codes.

3. Use the Discount Code when Registering as a Member

It’s now on your sponsored organisation to use the Discount Code when they’re registering as a Member of the CBCC. Not only will this let them join the CBCC, we will also know who sponsored a member into the CBCC, maximising the benefits of their membership and paying it forward to our greater community!

4. 12-Month Refresh

When you refresh your own membership as a Bronze, Silver or Corporate member, you will be asked whether you and your sponsored organisations, want to continue your sponsorship. If you do, your sponsorship will be refreshed alongside your own membership.

If you wish to retract your sponsorship, or change your sponsorship to support another person, you’ll receive new Discount Codes to provide to any person you prefer.

5. Contact our CEO, Wally Mehanna!

Wally Mehanna, our CEO, works hard to represent local business needs, hearing our member’s inputs and ensuring the connection, recognition, support and promotion of every single member. We encourage all our new and old members to talk to our CEO, who is one of our Chamber’s greatest resources to ensure you get the full value of what you signed up for. We’re here to get you heard.

Get the Best Value out of your Membership

Experience the Knowledge and add value with our Member Benefits through the Gift of Membership

Signing up for a Chamber is just the first step.

The more you get involved with our Chamber, the more value you’ll get. The strength of the CBCC comes from our extremely passionate and engaged community, willing to take the step forward and ensure everyone is included, connected, and supported to grow and achieve their goals. Our strength is in our diversity we are still united, working together to build a vibrant, prosperous community defined by quality leadership.

Attend our events, post on our socials. Market on our magazine, and learn from our many workshops. Talk to our CEO and be connected in the ways you want most. Be a part of a strong and influential voice for your industry through your membership, enjoying access to resources and information that will help you succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

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